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21st July, 2009, 17:45 kick off

Friendly Match with Lee Clark as Manager, supported by Terry Mac

Galpharm Stadium

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Darlington 2 Newcastle 7

18th July, 2009,12: 30pm kick off

Friendly match

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England XI v Germany XI

26th July, 2009, 6:15pm kick off

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St James' Park

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Now a 5:30 pm kick off on the 8th of August, due to live coverage of the match on BBC1

Reading (H)

Now a 5:20 pm kick off on the 15th of August, due to live coverage of the match on Sky Sports

Leicester (H)

Now Monday 31st of August, 7:45 kick off and not the 29th, due to live coverage of the match on Sky Sports

Cardiff City (A)

Now Sunday 13th of September, 2:05 kick off and not the 12th, due to live coverage of the match on Sky Sports

Blackpool (A)

Now Wednesday 16th of September, 7:45pm kick off and not the 15th

Ipswich Town (A)

Now a 5:30 pm kick off on Saturday 26th of September, due to live coverage of the match on the BBC

Nottm Forest (A)

Now 5:20 pm kick off on Saturday October 17th, due to live coverage of the match by Sky Sports

Sheff Utd (A)

Now 7:45 pm kick off on Monday November 2nd and not October 31st, due to live coverage of the match by Sky Sports






Daily News

Sunday 19th July, 2009

Lets Stick Together Again

Steven Taylor talking to The Journal

The squad is really good. Everyone is sticking together, from the young lads to the older ones. Last season we knew there were a few people who didn’t want to be here, but now we realise that we are in the Championship and the only way to get back up is by sticking together.

The Dublin trip was the best thing that could have happened to us all. We had to spend every single day together. Three times a day we spent training, getting up at 7am.

Most players didn’t fancy that, but after the first day everyone was pushing each other, it was good to see.

There was never anyone hiding away, that to me highlights that none of us wanted to be seen as coming last.

The fans don’t understand. Because it seems the club is a shambles, they probably think that the players are fighting every day in training, but with us it is completely different.

I just wish they could spend one day on the training ground to see just how we are going about this and getting along with each other. There’s a much better team bond now.

The worst thing about it is that no matter what I say it seems that I’m just putting over a message the fans want to hear. We were accused of that after the Shamrock Rovers game, but it isn’t.

They don’t realise what it has been like and I can assure you that Dublin was definitely the best thing that could have happened to Newcastle United. We have to stick together.

We get sick of hearing differing things and reading different things in the papers. Every day is different. It’s been said it’s going to get taken over one week, then it’s the week after and it still has not happened. Until we see it finalised, that’s it.

Fitness is the main thing and the score (in pre-season) doesn’t really mean much. We have three weeks left and we have to make sure we are in the best possible condition, shape, because we know it will be a difficult start for us. We will get on with it.

It’s frustrating, but all we can do is get on with our jobs because if you think too much about things off the pitch, it will affect performances on it. You have to look after yourself and each other. It’s a small squad now, but that’s Newcastle United now.

Colin and Chris have done a fantastic job. For them to get us in the great shape that we are, in the circumstances, is fantastic. They have not complained, they have just gone about it the right way.”


Habib Beye - We Deserve Better

talking to The Chronicle

“I feel for them because they deserve better, much, much better. They need to know what the future is at this club, and it must be terribly hard for them. The fans were better than us last season. But it’s important to have a good relationship between the fans and the players. We will always try to communicate with them. They are brilliant.”

Quite rightly they expect Newcastle to go back to the Premier League at the first attempt. They have been with us right from the start and they have backed us. They did in Ireland and again in Darlington. Yes, it was a friendly game, but they showed what great fans they were by singing all of the way through.

They even did it at Aston Villa after we went down. Those are true supporters and one thing we still have at this club. They were behind us all last season, which must have been hard. And they show us players they are behind us, which means so much.

It was all right and I came through it. The important thing about these games is to remain fit. You must avoid injury and try to get your fitness up in every game. I think for 45 minutes it was good for me. We won 7-2 but, I think while it’s good to win the game so comfortably, everybody played between 45-60 minutes and we have kept something for the next game. The fitness is better every day.”